Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It is Time

My blog has been silent since I posted some of the images I took while in Mexico City. I am coming to the realization that I had a very strong reaction to my experience there and the direction in which I need to take my work. I have ignored the nay sayers and the doubters for as long as I can when it comes to the future of the photojournalist, and I am realizing this is simply irresponsible of me. I cannot naively push ahead with my eyes shut and my earbuds in. We ARE in trouble and if we do not react quickly and with strong conviction, the future of our industry seems dark indeed. I will NOT simply rant on about how awful things are and add to the overwhelming landfill of negativity that occupies every blog and discussion board I come across, because I do believe there are answers to our plight but I must accept the truths that are now inevitable. I will add to the many who have pleaded already, we MUST work together in order to secure a future for what we all are so deeply passionate about. Please take a moment to read Vincent Laforet's article on the matter and allow it to sink in. There isn't a single original thought there and yet it felt like the first time I had actually listened. I hope you will as well...

Vincent on the state of our industry